Outline and purpose
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The youth is a subject of the activity in the activity of the Asian cultural art area each item in the 21st century, and their existence has decided the direction of Asia.
“A.Y.A Awards” brings up the wonderful, effective game selection method suitable for the standard through grandeur, friendship, and regular international collaboration, and the Asian youth art talent in a new age is discovered and brought up.
“It has the culture, it becomes a road, it has the art, and it becomes a bridge.”,
A quite new international scene to which the youth in each country of Asia shines
chic energy of an Asian cultural art outside the country is built.
It wishes that the exchange of youth’s culture and art is made a base, understanding and the exchange between each country of Asia are promoted positively, and the best be carried out for peace and the prosperity of the entire Asia.

A.Y.A AwardsOutline

Six items (the dance, the song, musical instruments, paintings, calligraphies, and cartoons) separately for three sections are elected from 3 to 25 years old in the lake south ministry in April.
Tournament of district rally, and final stage in Beijing in the middle of August. Masashou and grand prize youth’s works are invited to South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore, and international exchange is aimed at.

Union sponsoring nation
Participation section of Asian nation such as China, Japan, South Korea,
Thailand, and Singapore.

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Press conference on May 22

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