Our collection covers mainly the works of Masako Yasoyama / Kazuyo Yasoyama includes a wide range of local Kutani pottery.

Masako Yasoyama


Ishikawa painter died in 1996.
She won 57 International Exhibition prize tidy etc., were spread around the world range of activities.
Currently, work is in the Masako Yasoyama museum and
Headquarters Gallery (Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture),
Komatsu (Ishikawa), Shari-cho (Hokkaido).

Kazuyo Yasoyama


Kazuyo Yasoyama has been painting bamboo,
a rare motif for Western-style painting,
in her studios in Kyoto and in her hometown in Ishikawa.
She has held many successful solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Kyoto, Brazil, China
and New York as well as joint exhibitions with her late mother Masako Yasoyama.