Trigger of bamboo candle

In January 1991, it was decided to go to Greenland. At that time, I continued to worry about the color of bamboo, and after a while, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to go to a country with no colors and see what kind of bamboo color was my own. The second application for permission was issued to the American and Danish embassies and finally OK. Three weeks before the “Kazuyo Yasyama-Greenland One-person Trip” party was held on June 30th at Kyoto Kokusai Hotel, with eight founders and Takaya Nomura (researcher of bamboo) I took you to the popular “Piano Lounge Yu” shop in Gion-cho.

“Piano Lounge Yu” is located on the 5th floor of the Hoshinoko Building in the northwest corner of Hanamikoji Sueyoshi-cho, where you can sing with a piano. The interior lighting of the store is sherry glass filled with colored water and a round floating candle light. Candles floating around the store fluctuated and the soft lights calmed my heart.
Me “Yes, it’s beautiful if you put water in the bamboo and float the floating candle.”
You can enjoy the angle of light by cutting the cut diagonally or straight.
I asked Toyo Bamboo, which Mr. Nomura is very interested in, to create my own candle.
A few years later, the owner of “Piano Lounge Yu” died of illness, and Ms. Murasaki, a pianist, succeeds her will and is currently active as a mama of “Piano Lounge BURERA” in the southwest corner of Hanamikoji Shinbashi. The lights of candles shimmering in the sherry glass still swaying inside the store.

Let's play with Japan

Daihonzan Sokokuji Sunday, November 6th and Monday, November 7th, 2005

にっぽんと遊ぼう にっぽんと遊ぼう
「Kazuyo Yasoyama Exhibition」
Kyoto Brighton Hotel Opening Party Oct, 12 ,2005
八十山和代展 八十山和代展
「Kazuyo Yasoyama Exhibition」
Cafe Gallery Studio-IN / Bunka Salon Ishikura March 1st (Sat) to 11th (Tue) 2003
八十山和代展 八十山和代展
At Bamboo forest, Nagaokakyo City, October 1st, 1993 (Friday) Mr. Nomura consulted with Mr. Nomura to discuss the idea of ​​bamboo candles that I had invented with more people.・ Established the “Play” executive committee. Held every year at Otokuni no Sato.
おとくに・竹・あそび おとくに・竹・あそび
「Kazuyo Yasoyama, Greenland Solo Travel」
Kyoto Kokusai Hotel  Jun,30, 1991
八十山和代・グリーンランド一人旅 八十山和代・グリーンランド一人旅