About Kazuyo Yasoyama

I am bamboo, bamboo is me.

Under the influence of Western painter Masako my mother, Kazuyo started to study Western painting with her mother.

I went to Kyoto alone from 21 years old and started to draw beautiful scenery.

When I became 24, I was shocked shocked with “Moso-Bamboo” in Rakusai.

“Moso-bamboo” is strong like a breaking concrete.

My desire to be phosphorus all the time matches the bamboo forest.

One day, when I went to the bamboo grove in Rakusai for the subject several times,

It happened that my mind at that time coincided with the aspect of Takebayashi.

When I saw Moso bamboo, I thought, “This is what I want!”

In short, I laugh at my face and in my heart I don’t want to lose,

That linked with the image of bamboo.

“Moso-bamboo” is thick, strong, and extends straight to the heavens.

And the rhizome is so vibrant that it can spill into the soil and even crack concrete.

And I’m always skilful and never show my face at any time

I could see my dignified appearance.

I felt myself in the appearance of the bamboo and my spirit in the rhizome.

“I am bamboo, bamboo is me.”

I’ve been drawing bamboo ever since.

But I didn’t know anything about bamboo at that time.

Thick bamboo, thin bamboo, and bamboo shoots.

I knew later that I first met Moso bamboo.

“I’m sorry for bamboo.” I want to study the classification and structure of bamboo.

Buying books and participating in study sessions.

I met bamboo on 1984.

Since then, I gradually inmrove my understanding.

I am studying sayings about bamboo, bamboo appears in Gods and Buddhas,

the bamboo appears in many folk tales nationwide.

Then, “Taketori Monogatari” became the theme, This is also quite interesting.

One-time life.

I want to stick to myself.

It was fate,that I met bamboo.

Greetings from the director

I’ve never seen artist like her

Jul.26 2012
Director of Masako/Kazuyo Yasoyama Art Museum
Eiji Inoue





When the painter will perform a solo exhibition abroad, it is usually held supported by such as art dealer and sponsor. However, in the artist Yasoyama is not the case at all. On the contrary, she did successful solo exhibitions overseas six times from the age of 30 to 48 years old.

It is a brilliant achievement that all were run by herserlf. The six times of the exhibition abroad is supported by Japan Foundation, and some of them is national commemorative events. Solo exhibition begin in SOHO, NY in 1991, and in 1992 she held a second exhibition with her mother, the painter to express their feeling of gratitude, in prestigious “The Art Directors Club” , NY gained the sponsorship of the West Airlines.

In 1995, boarded with a big dream in China ,the home of bamboo, and held Solo exhibition in three cities supported by the Japanese Embassy China Consulate-General in Shanghai, Shanghai Museum, Sichuan Museum, the Museum of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts, the city of Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi’an and Sponsored by China Eastern Airlines, China Southwest Airlines, China Northwest Airlines, AEON Environmental Foundation Foundation grant project.

Because of the promise of Masako mother who passed away in 1996, Kazuyo held a mother and daughter traveling exhibition in 1998 at three cities(Sao Paulo, Rio, Brasilia) in Brazil where the artist Kazuyo was born, sponsored by Japan Foundation, a JAL, Japan Embassy in Brazil,Consul General of Japan in Sao Paulo, Consul General of Japan in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil National Museum of History, Kyoto Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture, Kyoto, Komatsu , Yawata, Nagaokakyo and so on. Kazuyo work is a collection of the National Museum of Rio Brazil now.

She learned Chinese painting study in Xian, China Academy of Art in 2000.
Incorporate the techniques of Chinese ink painting which is the origin of Japanese painting, she , the oil painter of bamboo, made it to believe advance as a painter of Asia, including Japan. She had in mind establishing the Beijing office in the near future, while studying the. In 2003, She established a private office in Beijing.

In 2002, she held solo exhibition in (Nanjing: Nanjing Museum, Beijing Museum of the Chinese Revolution) 2cities. organized by Cultural Affairs, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Beijing Painting Academy, sponsored by Air China, the sponsorship by Japanese Embassy in China, the Executive Committee, ‘China Year’ ‘Japan Year’ 2002 in Shanghai Consulate General, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture, Kyoto Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Kyoto, Komatsu, the Chinese Revolution museum etc… Kazuyo work is in the collection of Emperor Beijing and Nanjing Institute of paintings.

In 2008, she held the second solo exhibition at the Museum of the City of Brazil Federal Savings Bank Headquarters in capital Brasilia organized by the Government of Federal District Brasilia, sponsored by Brazilian Federal Savings Bank Headquarters Museum, Taiseiramikku, sponsorship by ​​Kyoto Prefecture, Ishikawa Prefecture, Kyoto City,Komatsu city etc.. Kazuyo’s work is the collection of the National Museum of Brazil.

In addition, he has deepened the international cultural exchange, such as exhibition at Kosutaria and donation ceremony of bamboo painting Kosutaria president in 1998 , solo exhibition in India and a donation ceremony to Vice President of India, in 2005.

Kazuyo had built a design life of up to 60 years in the late 20s. At the age of 24, I was shocked to see forest of bamboo in Oharano-Rakusai Kyoto. Feelings and aspects of the bamboo forest and herself matches completely.
“Mo-so-chiku” the bamboo, extended straight toward the sky. She felt from the complex intertwining underground rhizomes, she do not want to lose my own will, and felt there a life force, roots of life. I saw the human’s spirit in the the roots of bamboo and I became want to express human emotions with bamboo.

“I am bamboo. Bamboo is me.” She celebrated 29 years continuing to draw bamboo.

Staring at the self recklessly without blur in 20s, greedy in 30s, application in 40s, and continuing and health 50s , she has walked in the direction straight up until today. She held a number of exhibitions in museums and abroad, domestic department store from the age of 21.

In 1991, confused the color of the bamboo, put himself world pure white, the Zen-like to stay between one month to Greenland Shioraparuku Arctic, staring at the color of the bamboo itself, and in 1997, she established a studio “Hachiku-an” in Rakusai Kyoto where met a bamboo .

On November 23, 2005, Kazuyo’s work was exhibited in the main building of Tokyo National Museum as a project of Tokyo National Museum (Ueno, Tokyo) . Mr. Keiji Sugicho museum headquarters asked Kazuyo to make Exhibition. He said “I made this event hopeing everyone to feel the spirit of Artist Yasoyama who has its own study abroad experience, works all over the world, and want everyone to grew up straight as bamboo.”, which were nprecedented exhibition of painter who is alive.

She opened “Masako/Kazuyo Yasoyama Art musuem” at the Komatsu town blessed close to the Sea of ​​Japan and protected by the mountains of Hakusan, with scenic surroundings last year. Which were the promise with her mother.

I have been deeply impressed by the strength of conviction, and unwavering personality of the artist Kazuyo Yasoyama. Kazuyo/Masako Yasoayama Art Museum is filled with history and a deep bond of a mother and daughter through the works of Kazuyo and Masako deceased mother. In the aterier that are in the museum, people can also see the figure of the artist’s also work production. I want everyone to be encouraged and feel the fresh wind energy from the work of two people.

Press hands in prayer



1938 Born in Adachi Ward, Senju, Tokyo
1951 Enter Gakushuin Junior High School
1954 Enter Gakushuin High School
1957 Enter Gakushuin University faculty of Economics
1961 Graduate from Gakushuin
1961 Enter Adachi Credit Union
1978 Become Branch Manager of Ehoku Branch
1982 Become General affairs department Assistant Department Manager
1999 Become chief director.
2007 Become the chairman of Adachi-Seiwa Credit Union
2012 Retire Chairman.

Become an adviser of Adachi-Seiwa credit union.

Become Director of Yasoyama Masako/Kazuyo Museum

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八十山和代 日中友好中国帰国展


四六判上製本 284頁
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八十山雅子・和代展1992.3.5~3.31 ニューヨークアートディレクターズクラブ2回目のNY個展。初めての母娘海外個展を記念した母娘記念画集。豊富な自然と親子の情愛を描く八十山雅子画伯の作品と、モチーフの竹林その他の風景や生物が描かれている和代の作品。二人の世界を満喫して下さい。
1992年版 52頁 発行:株式会社 オノウエ印刷

『八十山雅子・和代展』 ブラジル日本移民90周年記念祭1998.8.8~9.27

八十山雅子・和代展 日本人がブラジルへ移民を始めてから90年目。その記念事業として、サンパウロ、リオ・デ・ジャネイロ、ブラジリアの3都市にて巡回展開催。娘の和代はサンパウロ生まれ。御母堂の故・八十山雅子画伯と二人の代表作が多数発表され、世界各地で絵画展を開催、高い評価を受けておられます。
1998年版 91頁
発行:株式会社 オノウエ印刷


2002年「日本年」「中国年」日中竹文化八十山和代展 さる9月に日中正常化30周年記念2002年「中国年」「日本年」の記念事業として中国革命博物館(北京市)南京博物院(南京市) にて展覧会を開催いたしました。
2002年版 10頁
発行:株式会社 オノウエ印刷 0266-52-8020(代)


The profiles of Museum is below.

Museum Profile

Name Yasoyama Masako / Kazuyo Museum
Address 153, muramatsu-cho, komatsu, ishikawa, Japan, 923-0968
Contact TEL/FAX +81-761-43-3458
Establish Nov.9 2011


founder Kazuyo Yasoyama(Bamboo Artist)
Director Eiji Inoue(足立成和信用金庫 会長・2012年7月より就任)

board of directors

Noriaki Shimizu ㈱清水薬品 代表取締役社長
Naoki Hayashi イオン㈱取締役会議長
Kouichi Kinoshita 公益法人木下美術館 理事長
Yoshiyuki Yamashita 中日新聞論説委員
Li Ming 北京伝人文化交流センター中国所長
Toshihiro Tajiri ㈱でんでん 代表取締役社長
Isao Deguchi 弁護士法人出口法律事務所
Junsei Kitamoto ㈲スタジオ・ヴィアンドエム 代表取締役


Secretariat Hiroshi Yasoyama